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Terms and Conditions

Federal regulations (FDIC Reg. 344.5) require that whenever we in our fiduciary capacity effect a securities transaction on behalf of your account, we provide you with a copy of the broker/dealer confirmation within 1 business day of the bank’s receipt of the confirmation unless an alternative procedure is established as is allowed by FDIC Reg. 344.6. The alternate procedure we have established is listed as follows:

                 (1) Every transaction is detailed on your periodic account statement.

                (2) We keep all confirmations in your file and they are available to you should you ever want or need to review them.

              If you would like to receive an actual confirmation in addition to the detailed statement, please contact us at

1-855-829-1792 and we will make arrangements for you to receive a copy of the trade confirmations as outlined in FDIC Reg. 344.5.


 All stock purchases and sales that are traded on the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange will be placed through SunGard Transaction Network (STN). STN is a Web-based, straight-through-processing solution that integrates custody, institutional brokerage and trust automation into a simple, seamless process. The Trust Department entered into the agreement with STN in order to reduce the brokerage commissions charged to the majority of our clients. The current transaction fees for these trades are $.10 per share with a minimum commission fee of $10.00. Of this amount, the bank receives available credit of $.05 per share to be applied to our research and execution services. The Trust Department also uses STN for trades in non-discretionary accounts. These accounts may not directly benefit from this research, but the overall commissions charged by STN on a non-discretionary account are typically less than standard brokerage commissions.


There may be situations where the Trust Department places trades with Cetera Financial Institutions LLC, the brokerage division of the bank. Trades that are placed with the brokerage division of the bank generate commissions that are split between the broker, Cetera Financial Institutions, LLC and the bank. Bond trades may also be placed through other approved brokers.


Trades may not be placed or accepted through e-mail or voice mail. All trades must be placed by direct communication with an individual in the Trust & Investment Department.


It is the policy of the Trust & Investment Department to utilize no load funds in discretionary accounts. Some of these funds may pay 12b-1 or shareholder service fees to the bank. For a full listing of those funds that pay shareholder service fees please contact the Investment Officer at 1-301-533-2368.


Funds held in any Trust Department account are not insured by the FDIC or any other government agency. Investments involve varying degrees of risk, including possible loss of principal.


Subsequent to the final distribution and the closing of an account, small amounts of accrued interest or dividends may be received. These funds may be charged as a final fee.

December 31st IRA statements should be retained for tax purposes and used as a substitute 5498. 

When Trust Department executes brokerage transactions on your behalf through a broker it has selected, it is the primary intention to obtain the best execution.   First United may receive payment from brokerage firms to pay for investments research and software. Mutual funds utilized by First United (the “bank”) may reimburse the bank up to 25/100th of one percent of the amount invested for the cost of the bank providing administrative or shareholder services to the mutual funds. Charges for sub-accounting services may be deducted from income earned on mutual fund investments prior to posting. Accounts are not insured by FDIC; not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by the depository institution, and subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principle amount invested.


Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Our privacy policy has not changed and you may review our policy and practices with respect to your personal information. 

First United Bank & Trust’s Privacy Notice is available online at

If you want to receive a printed copy of the notice, please contact our Customer Care Center at 1-888-692-2654.

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